WHO warns Omicron variant is very high risk; Japan shuts borders; Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, has told CNBC that he thinks the company’s vaccine will work against the Omicron variant, but it could offer less protection.

“When it comes to the vaccine, remains to be seen. I don’t think that the result will be the vaccines don’t protect,” he said. “I think the results could be, which we don’t know yet, that the vaccines protect less.”

Mr Bourla said that Pfizer has started working on a new vaccine if it’s needed. The company has made the first DNA template, the first part of the development process for a new vaccine.

“We have made multiple times clear that we will be able to have a vaccine in less than 100 days,” he said, adding that they already did this twice for the Delta and Beta variants, both of which didn’t have to be used.

“We will build one at risk right now for Omicron that will be used only in case we need it, if we see that the current one doesn’t work,” he said.

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