Ranking SNSD’s title tracks (The Korean ones).

Since the best Kpop girl group is coming back in about a week (AAAAAAAHHHH!!!), after a 5-year absence from the kpop scene, I am of course repeatedly listening to all their songs again to warm up (but then again when am I not listening to SNSD on repeat, they always end up as one of my most listened to artists every year). And therefor I just wanted an excuse to blog about SNSD as well. And this is my way of doing it.

The idea comes from another musical hobby of mine… Eurovision. You always find lots of lists and ranking on eurovision blogs, and Eurovision fans in general really like to rank songs again and again and again. The ranking of the songs in Eurovision is a big part of that fandom. Have I thought of creating such a list on this blog in which I rank every Eurovision songs yeah year, and go over all the songs from the worst to the best and arranged like that… of course. Maybe next year (if it’s not too much trouble) I’ll get around to it. But there has been enough Eurovision blogging on this blog this year.

But that idea got me thinking… why I couldn’t just do such a ranking of SNSD’s title tracks from my least favorite (because yeah, you don’t have to love every damn song your favorite band puts out, or think they’re all equally awesome, kids) to what I consider to be the best SNSD title track. It sounds like a pretty fun idea and not difficult at all (it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be).

18. I Got A Boy

Every time that song comes on, whether it’s on youtube or spotify, I am reminded why I don’t like it. The song changes it’s tune one too many times. The song is indeed iconic, and it is one of SNSD’s most recognizable songs. It was everywhere and I really enjoyed it when they were promoting the song. I enjoyed everything about the era… except the song itself. I don’t know how many times I watched it live, and watching it that many times usually makes a song grow on your or at least brainwash you into liking it, but even after all these years I just get this; “ugh, no thanks” feeling every time I hear I Got a Boy. But even their worst title track… SNSD are absolute icons.

17. Girls’ Generation

I just tend to forget about this one a whole lot. I enjoy it when it comes on, it’s super nostalgic in a lot’s of way. But I also forget about it a lot. It’s not a SNSD song that I am actively seeking out to listen to.

16. Kissing You

I used to listen to this quite a bit back in the day. It was one of the very first kpop songs that I listened to back in the day, and one of the first I downloaded and put on my ipod. But I just don’t gravitate that much towards it today.

15. You Think

I can appreciate that SNSD tried new things with this song and it’s not bad and I quite enjoyed it at the time, but it is not a song that I actively seek out today and I never really think about it all that much these days.

14. Party

It’s a fun, easy-to-listen to song for the summer but maybe a bit basic. I feel like it’s not super well liked by the fandom but I always liked it. I enjoyed it a lot when it came out but now I don’t find myself listening to it a whole lot.

13. Lion Heart

During this era we got three title tracks from SNSD and Lion Heart was always my favorite out of the bunch. The mv was fun, the costumes were fun and I just really remember loving watching them perform this song live. Currently there are times when I am really into this song and then there are times when I just don’t think about it a whole lot. SNSD just does this very sweet, feel-good sound really really well.

12. Hoot

Hoot had to grow on me a little when it first came out, but eventually I grew to love it and I especially remember loving the choreo a whole lot. And there was a time when this would have ranked a lot higher on my list… but it’s just not one of the snsd songs that I feel like I seek out a lot these days. Which is sort of a recurring theme on this list as of now. I like it a lot, but in the mist of all of the other SNSD tracks that I also really like I just tend to forget it.

11. Catch Me If You Can

I wish they had done more promotion for this song, because watching them perform this live was so much fun. I enjoyed the choreo a lot. I feel like Catch Me If You Can was what You Think wanted to be… if that makes sense. But it’s also feels like it’s a product of it’s time, which I enjoyed… but then again I enjoyed the EDM sound that kpop had going for it at the time.

10. Run Devil Run

This was a concept change for SNSD and they pulled it off so well. It felt bold and mature and this was also just such a fun time to be a SNSD fan. I feel like I have recently re-discovered this song, because for a while it was one of the snsd songs that I liked a lot… but I wasn’t listening to a whole lot these days. And the choreo is fun.

9. Mr.Mr.

This era gave us SNSD in suits! It was great! The mv was a mess and I never really watch it because SM lost so much of the footage for it, but I enjoyed the promotional period a whole lot. The song had to grow on me a little, if my memory is serving me correctly, but now it’s one of the snsd songs that I listen to the most these days. And I just loved the concept.

8. Mr. Taxi

I wish more of SNSD Japanese discography had been made into Korean versions and promoted there… since the promotional periods are just a whole lot more fun in Korea than they are in Japan, imho. Or it’s way easier to get access to it. Because many of their Japanese songs are just a+ snsd songs. It took me a while to get used to the Korean version, but damn, this song slaps in any language. I enjoyed the concept, I enjoyed the choreo as well. This was just a great era. Mr Taxi was and is just such so fun, every time I listen to it.

7. Holiday

Yes, I love Holiday. I know the fandom wasn’t too into it (or at least in the kpop fandom spaces that I have been apart of… or lurking on) but I enjoyed the hell out of Holiday. I think it’s so catchy and happy and has this easy, feel-good vibe to it that I feel like a lot of SNSD music has. This song is just a fun time, but I get that people wanted something more mature from them at the time.

6. Oh!

This is one of those very happy-go-lucky, excessive-agyeo, so sugary-sweet songs that it almost gives you diabetes while you listen it that kpop is known for and does so well imho. I know some people hate the agyeo that is in this track… but it has never really bothered me. It’s just a part of kpop to me and I quite enjoy this super happy, energetic and cute melody in kpop. It’s one of the things that sort of drew me into kpop in the first place. The choreo is simple, yet fun and I just remember really loving the cheerleading concept. A stable on my summer playlist. I am going to have fun during those 3 minutes that it’s playing.

5. All Night

SNSD at least went out with a banger… before they went on their 5 year hiatus… even if Korea didn’t seem to care all that much for this comeback. But I was having a fantastic time. This song is so catchy and I feel like it takes the catchiness, with a little bit of the cuteness from the earlier SNSD tracks and mixes it with the more mature image that SNSD has now. They are grown ladies! This just feels like the perfect SNSD track. It’s so infectious.

4. The Boys

Omg the concept, the mv, the outfits! Just this whole era. OMG IT WAS SO GOOD. Probably one of my favorites eras that SNSD gave us. It has such energy! It was just a whole moment. I woke up at like 3am to watch the mv as soon as it came out. Also it was around this time that SNSD sort of became my all-time favorite kpop group, so this whole moment in time just feels so special to me and perhaps bleads into my love for this song. This was just a very special moment in time that I am just so grateful to have witnessed. And that might play a hand it why this song is so near and dear to my heart. Whenever I listen to this song I seem to have as much fun as I did back then.

3. Gee

This song was always meant to be in the top 5… even though sometimes i get tired of it, but there always comes a time where i can’t get enough of it again, the nostalgia washes over me, and i just listen to it on repeat. This is such an iconic song. Gee just has that happy, very energetic sound with plenty of agyeo that kpop is kind of known for. it’s so catchy, a true earworm and the dance is so simple and fun. It’s so easy to dance to. It was the song that was THE kpop song for a long time. And still is THE kpop song for a lot of people.

2. Into the New World

this is an ANTHEM! There is a reason this song is so often played during protests in South-Korea. There is something quite fresh and hopeful about it, even if you don’t really understand the lyrics I feel like you can get that sort of message from the song. And what a song to debut to. This was also the first SNSD song that I listened to, if I remember correctly, and pulled me further into that music genre. Also it’s so timeless. There are SNSD songs that I enjoy but are very much a project of it’s time but I still love them regardless. This doesn’t have that feel to it.

1. Genie

The fact that about 8 million viewers were watching them perform this song live on that helipad sort of speaks for itself doesn’t it. This was also just such a good concept (and probably my favorite concept) and such an iconic dance… the summer of 2009 was such a great time for kpop and Genie was one of the highlights of that summer for kpop. This song also ages like fine wine. It’s a kpop classic and I never really get tired of it. There is no other song like this in kpop, I think. This is not only the best snsd song, but also among the best kpop songs of all time.

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