Examples of Worst and Most Awkwardly Inserted PPL in K-dramas

Time for a laugh inducing post, chingus! Other than everyone and their grandmothers and even people who just came out of a coma all eating at Subways for breakfast/lunch/dinner/dream sequences, there are many other examples of egregious PPL (product placement) in K-dramas. A recent set of GIFs and stills helpfully collected it so you can see with your own eyes how laughable it makes characters and scenes when it’s so awkwardly inserted. Samsung having their own head up their arse for many years touting the waterproof spec of its Galaxy phones lent itself to human beings washing their phones, storing it in a basin of water, and putting it under a running faucet while in the bathroom. Weird new gadgets, functionality, and apps are used by characters ruining scene moments, including turning on the autopilot of a car so the male lead can fully lean sideways to make out with the female lead WHILE A CAR IS DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY. Because, why not haha! Anyhoo, this post is also timely because insane mega hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been getting praise for its restrained and unobtrusive use of PPL.

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