Zoe Marshall rushed to hospital ‘writhing, sweating and crying in pain’

A mystery illness saw Zoe Marshall rushed to hospital after “trying to keep it together” infront of her son.


A mystery illness saw Zoe Marshall rushed to hospital after “trying to keep it together” infront of her son.

Australian influencer Zoe Marshall says she went to hospital after a worrying medical event in which she “couldn’t stop writhing, sweating, crying in pain.”

Talking about the ordeal on her Instagram account Marshall, who is married to Kiwi rugby league player Benji Marshall, said she presented to the hospital because she was “physically in a lot of pain.”

She declined to share any details about a diagnosis, other than saying she was now ok, but the 37-year-old did say the hardest part of the experience had been “trying to keep it together” in front of her son Fox.

”He knew something was up and he was scared, and he was putting on an awkward front trying to show me he wasn’t,” Marshall shared.

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“I tried to comfort him but I was in too much pain and I needed him out of the room so I could be as uncomfortable as I needed to be without consoling him.”

The experience left the podcast host drawing parallels to the experience of her own mother, who tragically died of cancer when Marshall was in her twenties.

“It made me think of how it must’ve felt for my mum when she was dying, to look at me, looking at her for comfort when she was fighting for her life.

“What a moment. How horrific for her.”

This isn’t the first time this month that the podcast host has shared her health struggles. In an Instagram post a few weeks ago Marshall said she has been suffering “post natal depletion” after giving birth to her second child.

“It got me. I’m depleted. I got the bloody post natal depletion!” Marshall captioned a picture of her holding her five-month-old daughter, Ever.

“I thought I could outrun it. But it got me. Here we are. On and off since she was born. I know moving states, quarantine, lockdowns, etc don’t help.. This overwhelming feeling, it’s exhaustion.

“Then getting sick, just the sniffles or a cough but it lingers, for months. Then getting frustrated because I’m missing out on getting out because I’m so exhausted. It’s boring. It’s really boring.”

In 2018, after the birth of her son Fox, Marshall drew criticism from doctors after announcing she had consumed a post-birth placenta shake.

At the time Dr Nick Fuller from the University of Sydney told The Daily Telegraph Marshall should not promote the drink that he believed can cause ‘potential harm’ to mothers

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