tvN Announces One Weekend Hiatus for Alchemy of Souls on August 13-14 to Prepare Better Quality Final Episodes

Hhhhmmmm, I wonder if reshoots are going on and changes are being made to the final arc of Alchemy of Souls. If I take tvN at its word then this is nothing more than just good production values at play as the network announced that the drama will not air next weekend on August 13-14 in order for the production to have more time to do post-production work and deliver a better product. This weekend’s episodes 15-16 will air as planned, then the one weekend hiatus, followed by the final four episodes aired over two weekends to conclude the drama’s first season. There has already been an announcement of a shorter 2nd season which is reportedly in production now. I just feel like this drama was doing so well to start, then lagged in the midpoint, and the ending to episode 14 really can shake things up but now comes this news and it just makes me nervous is all. I hope this turns out for the best.

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