Namgoong Min Appears Stylish and Snazzy in BTS Pics for SBS Drama Thousand Won Lawyer and Awaken Costar Lee Chung Ah to Guest Star for Reunion

This is totally night and day for Namgoong Min, to borrow the Korean title of Namgoong Min’s sci-fi tinged thriller drama Awaken which had the title Day and Night. He looked so serious and dare I say it a bit morose looking in his early filming stills for his last dram The Veil (Black Sun), and who can blame him when he pumped up to bodybuilder physique and had to endure grueling physical shoots. Now for this drama Thousand Won Lawyer, he looks like he’s having a blast filming and dressed in one ostentatious suit after another. It bodes well that the comedy factor is high. His female lead is Kim Ji Eun who already worked with him in The Veil, but his Awaken female lead Lee Chung Ah is also making a guest appearance here for another reunion. Awaken was the first time I’ve ever liked Lee Chung Ah in a drama and everyone shipped her with him until we learned they were test tube baby fraternal twins. Oopsie there for the accidental incest shipping lolol.

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