“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 11 and 12—From RomCom to Suspense and Heavy Drama? – Gia Allana

*this article contains spoilers*

Here are some highlights from the episodes 11 and 12 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”


1.) Winning Lotto Numbers

The case in episode 11 revolves around three “gambling friends” who bought lotto tickets and promised to split the prize if ever one of them wins. However, when one of the men did win, he decided to not split his share. Hence, prompting the remaining two to file a case in order to get their share.

2.) Caught In The Act

Woo Young Woo’s dad caught her kissing Lee Jun Ho… in front of their house.

3.) Sensory Overload

Due to a traumatic unfortunate event, Young Woo experienced sensory overload due to anxiety. Hence, Jun Ho hugged her tight to calm her down.

4.) Unethical Rivalry

Kwon Min Woo met with Tae Su Mi to use his secret card against her—he knows that she’s Young Woo’s mother. He, however, was given a task he didn’t expect; Tae Su Mi asked him to do use whatever method he can use make Young Woo resign or get fired from Hanbada Law Firm.


1.) Equality

2.) Young Woo’s Dad Knows

3.) We’re Not Dating?

4.) Unexpected Turn Of Events

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