Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episodes 11-12 Dip Slightly to 14% Ratings and First Stirrings of Negative Feedback with Audiences Complaining About Quality of Recent Court Cases

I don’t know if the recent dip in ratings for Extraordinary Attorney Woo episodes 11-12, going down from series high above 15% to the 14% range, is correlated with the recent first complaints I’ve heard about the drama or merely the 15% was the peak for this drama’s legs. This drama’s ratings are still astronomically high for a tiny cable network like ENA but since all eyes are on the drama the attention is bound to have good and bad. So far it was all good but this week I’ve heard the first negative feedback on the series so far. The viewers are complaining that the court cases per episode in the recent weeks haven’t been as well written and gripping as the first half of the drama. There is also complaints, I’m guessing from male viewers, that the most recent episode 12 has a feminist bent and in general the drama portrays women as powerful and good and men and institutional powers as bad and corrupt. That’s pretty broad strokes and I don’t see that agenda in the four episodes I’ve watched so far but let’s hope the drama holds true to its core narrative and delivers to the end the story it wants to tell.

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