Park Hee Soon in talks to join Kim Hyun Joo in a new Netflix series

Park Hee Soon is in discussion to join the upcoming Netflix series “Family Gravesite.”

On September 14th, the media outlets reported that Park Hee Soon will be the main lead of the upcoming Netflix original series “Family Gravesite.” He will reportedly work alongside actress Kim Hyun Joo in the drama. 

Park Hee Soon’s side hasn’t responded to the casting reports. 

“Family Gravesite” will be directed and written by Yeon Sang Ho (“Peninsula,” “Psychokinesis,” and “Train to Busan”). Director Min Hong Nam will also co-direct the upcoming drama. 

If Park Hee Soon confirms his casting, this will be the second project of the actor with Kim Hyun Joo. The two will work together as a couple in the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley” which will be released in December.  

“Family Gravesite” will exclusively premiere on Netflix. The broadcast date is not yet announced.

Park Hee Soon has been very busy this year. He began the year with the movie “The Policeman’s Lineage” together with Jo Jin Woong, Choi Woo Shik, Kwon Yool, Park Myung Hoon, and Lee Eol.

He also participated in the Netflix original series “A Model Family.” Before the year ends, the actor will also join the upcoming dramas “Moving” and “Trolley.” 

The actor made his acting debut in 2002. He starred in several dramas  “Dr. Brain,” “My Name,” “Beautiful World,” “Missing Noir M,” “All About My Romance,” and films “Bank of Seoul,” “Jesters: The Game Changers,” “Sunkist Family,” “A Haunting Hitchhike,” “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion,” “1987: When The Day Comes,” “The Age of Shadows,” “You Are More Than Beautiful,” “Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool,” “Seven Days,” and more. 

Park Hee Soon is currently signed under S.A.L.T Entertainment.


Do you wish to see Park Hee Soon and Kim Hyun Joo work together for a new Netflix original series?

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