Gong Hyo Jin Wins the Barbie Award at the Valentino Fashion Event in Seoul While Lee Jong Seok Makes a Valiant Effort to Wear Hot Pink and Not Let it Wear Him

All the hot pink in the world converged at the Valentino event in Seoul this week, likely migrated across the ocean from the set of the highly anticipated upcoming live-action Barbie movie (Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling!!). There were that many stars in attendance but those who went were show stoppers for sure thanks to getting the dress code and going all in with it. Hot pink leggings, two actresses went for it! Hot pink sneakers, there was Lee Jong Seok head-to-toe in pink even to the footwear element. I thought Gong Hyo Jin was adorable pulling off the sequined Barbie look and Lee Jong Seok for sure dug deep into his modeling roots to overcome pink and tame it to make him look good.

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