Wu Lei Fans Get Upset at Zhao Lu Si Fans After Love Like the Galaxy Official Weibo Posts Inaccurate VLinkage Data Swapping the Two Leads Pole Position

Watching this go down is like being a trio of best friends and watching two of them get into a knock down drag out fight and you don’t know who to help because you like them both. And this one was bound to happen as whenever there is a hit drama then vocal fandoms police every little detail. This week the official Weibo account of production of Love Like the Galaxy posted a slew of compiled data celebrating the drama’s success across multiple categories. Streaming numbers, articles written about it, topping country viewership charts, buzz data, etc. Wu Lei fans noticed that the VLinkage data posted swapped his character Ling Bu Yi’s top of the chart buzz ranking and gave to to Zhao Lu Si‘s character Cheng Shao Shang. Since VLinkage released this already it was clear the posted one by the production was incorrect. The two fandoms are now going at it, with his claiming that the production is doing this to help her and her fandom saying this had nothing to do with her and is not done at her request or involvement.

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