Top Actress Kim Hye Soo Slays in Gown Fitting for 2022 Blue Dragon Awards and Currently Topping the Drama Ratings with tvN Series Uner the Queen’s Umbrella

So I’m following Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) on jTBC weekends but it would be remiss not to mention that another cable drama the tvN weekend sageuk Under the Queen’s Umbrella rocketed up the ratings meter earlier and is still hitting new highs. Starring Kim Hye Soo as the titular queen momma protecting and educating her princely sons in the cutthroat Joseon palace, the drama started with 7.649% one of the highest premieres on tvN and has since hit 11% multiple times and the most recent episode 14 last Sunday brought in 13.415% ratings. All hail the Queen herself and this Friday she even rocked the 2022 Blue Dragon Awards in an eye catching turquoise dress with a cape. She shared dress fitting pictures afterwards showing her absolutely unreal figure rocking a total of four dresses and slaying even with a baseball cap and mask on. This woman is lit and has been spanning four distinct decades in the industry showing no signs of stopping and we are all so lucky to have true stars like her still delivering.

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