Children, teen rescued as Queensland flood crisis continues

A Queensland police officer has been praised for his efforts, after running into floodwaters to save four children.

Matt Owen had just pulled three kids from the floodwaters, when minutes later he saw a teenage girl crying for help.

Police vision captured the rescue, which occurred in the south-east Queensland town of Dalby yesterday.

Mr Owen is seen running through the water to reach the teenager, who reportedly jumped in to the water without realising the danger.

A teenage girl was rescued by police after jumping into floodwaters. (Nine)

Weighed down by his heavy and soaked police uniform, Mr Owen stripped down to his underwear to reach her, with the pair carried by the current before grabbing a nearby tree.

An hour later, reinforcements arrived.

Mr Owen’s partner can be heard yelling for him to watch the current, and the young girl is then pulled by the policeman to safety.

The man and girl waited in the flood waters for reinforcements to arrive by boat. (Nine)

Mr Owen said he was just doing his job, and though not specifically trained in swift water rescue, didn’t think twice before running in.

“When I got to her I asked how she was doing, she was hysterical but I tried to calm her down,” Mr Owen said.

“Definitely not a hero, anyone in that station would have done the same thing.”

The town of Texas in Queensland’s south-east was also impacted by the floods. (Nine)

Elsewhere in Queensland, flooding is still a massive concern despite the sun coming out tonight.

Two hours south-west of Dalby, in the town of Warwick, a dam has flooded for the first time in 10 years.

The Leslie Dam spilled over due to heavy rainfall, inundating the town.

In the town of Texas, also the state’s south-east, police rode in search and rescue boats to ensure the safety of residents.

Rescues continued across the south-east, with emergency services receiving hundreds of calls for assistance.

Some drivers were fined for knowingly entering floodwaters, including a man issued a $500 fine after requiring rescue in Lowood.

In Oxley, a vehicle was washed away through a car park and in Yalangur a man was killed in the floods.
People have been warned to not drive across flooded roads. (Nine)

The 73-year-old Roma man’s car was washed off the road as he tried to cross a flooded causeway.

At the same causeway – a council worker who was putting up flood warning signs was hit by an unexpected torrent of water that swept him and his ute 250m downstream.

The man managed to get onto the roof of his car and reach the safety of the bank.

Across the state today, river levels continued to rise with the Bureau of Meteorology warning flood threats are far from over.

Although parts of the south-east saw sun and blue skies, residents are warned floodwaters could peak again tomorrow.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Steve Smith said there is “a lot more water moving through the systems”.

“The town of Goondiwindi is still to reach its peak, so later today and into Friday,” he told Today.

The main street of Inglewood, tucked in a bend of a rising Canning Creek in the Darling Downs, was underwater this morning.
Floodwaters will continue to rise in Queensland even as rain conditions ease. (9News)

“We have had significant rainfalls over the last 24 hours. Whilst those conditions are easing, there is a lot of water in the catchments and there is a lot of water moving through.

“So levels will go up and down through areas and we are urging caution for everyone out in those areas to be very conscious of their environment, stay informed and just respond to the conditions that they are experiencing.”

Northern NSW is also set to experience its own floods in the coming days.

The Queensland town of Inglewood has been inundated with floodwaters.
Two towns have so far been evacuated. (Reece D’Alessandro)

Some parts of Queensland received falls of more than 100mm in 24 hours overnight on already wet ground.

Two towns have undergone emergency evacuations as flood records tumble.

Tambo resident Steve O'Connor snapped this incredible picture of a storm system bearing down in over Langlo Road last Sunday

Incredible moment storm bears down over rural town

QFES Commissioner Greg Leach issued a stern warning for those continuing to put themselves, and rescue crews in danger.

“We’ve been getting this message out for a long time and people still aren’t taking heed, if it’s flooded forget it,” he said.

“It might look calm and shallow and you might have a powerful vehicle but the reality is it’s dangerous to drive through waters.

“A modern motor vehicle can float in as little as 15cm of water.”

Towns across Queensland are still on flood alert. (Nine)

While towns remain flooded, residents must remain cautious.

“In the majority of rescues they’ve driven into floodwater and stalled or been washed away and they’ve been able to self evacuate. It still requires the attendance of emergency services,” Mr Leach said.

“I think it’s inexcusable that people drive into floodwaters putting not only their own lives but first responders at risk.”

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