Queensland couple shocked by unusual egg find

A Queensland woman and her husband have been shocked to find 10 double-yolked eggs in their dozen egg carton, a rare and some might say lucky find. 

Brisbane resident Selina Dunn was called over by her husband on Sunday morning when he discovered two double-yolked eggs whilst cooking the pair’s barbecue breakfast.

Selina Dunn was surprised to find 10 double yolk eggs in her dozen carton. (Supplied)

“He called me out to say he had two double yolkers on the grill. We hadn’t seen them in a couple of years,” Ms Dunn said. 

“The next day he cracked an egg into the pan to make an omelette and found another double yolker, and it just went on from there.”

Ms Dunn said by the time the couple had finished the carton, 10 of the 12 eggs had double yolks.

“It turned into a bit of a competition who could find the most,” Ms Dunn said.

“It was a bit unusual. This is certainly the first time in eight, nine years I’ve seen that many double-yolkers in a dozen. This is the most I’ve ever seen.”

Ms Dunn’s husband found the first two eggs during the couple’s barbecue breakfast/ (Supplied)

Ms Dunn added the last time she had found multiple double yolk eggs was a few years ago and she had called the egg company to tell them something was wrong with their chickens. 

The chance of finding a single double yolk egg is believed to be about one in 1000.

But the phenomena may not be as rare as initially believed.

Nadine Goody, a second generation egg farmer and member of the Queensland United Egg Producers, said double-yolked eggs can occur when a hen is young and new to laying and she releases two yolks instead of one. 

“If you think a lady can have twins, it works the same in chooks. So the egg is made and if another ova comes along they can produce two yolks in the one egg,” Ms Goody said.

Young hens often produce double yolks when first starting to lay eggs. (Unsplash)

Chickens on farms are usually the same age, increasing the odds of finding more than one double yolk in a carton.

Ms Goody said double-yolk egg finds are incredibly rare in regular egg packets but are quite common in jumb or extra large cartons.

“It all depends, if you have a younger stock you can get a lot of double-yolkers,” Ms Goody said.

“People get excited when they crack them in the pan to they’ve got two yolks.”

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