K-ent Abuzz with Rumors that Park Bo Gum Will Sign with HYBE the Agency of His Good Friend V of BTS

The parlaying for top young actor Park Bo Gum is underway since news last month that he was not re-signing his contract with long time agency Blossom Entertainment. A name came to the surface yesterday, HYBE which was formerly known as Big Hit and is the agency that became big and powerful thanks to forming the biggest K-pop group of all time BTS. Rumors are that Park Bo Gum will sign with HYBE and become the centerpiece of its focus into the acting world now that it’s conquered the music industry. HYBE responded that the rumors are unfounded and Park Bo Gum would not sign with the agency. I don’t know about that, rumors of signings are almost always accurate even if it doesn’t happen, and I can also see HYBE spinning off a new agency just for Park Bo Gum so he’s technically not signing with HYBE. Either way, many eyes are on where he will land.

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