Italy Road Trip? A Guide to Planning An RV Trip in Italy

Visiting Italy in a campervan comes with some undeniable perks. You do not need to plan accommodation for your whole trip and stay flexible when deciding where to spend the night.
If you are not travelling in your own motorhome, you can save money by renting a single RV rather than renting cars and places to stay separately at night. Finally, amidst the pandemic, motorhomes provide you with a “safe bubble” and enable you to stay away from the big crowds that swarm into Italian cities during the summer.

Here are a few tips for enjoying a perfect road trip in Italy.

Discover Italy in an RV Trip

When is the best time to travel Italy in an RV?

Italy has a Mediterranean climate which means that summers are hot and dry, whereas winters are mild and wet. However, in the country’s north, you will experience colder weather because of its mountainous scenery. The best season for visiting Italy on your road trip in an RV would be from the beginning of May to the end of September.

If you wish to visit big cities, you should avoid the months of July and August because Italy is packed with tourists at that time of year, which can make it challenging to get around because of traffic congestion and hard to find a place to park your “house on wheels”. If you wish to visit during spring, you may also want to avoid the Po Valley, as it can get a lot of rain.

Where should you park your RV?

Italy is a great place to experience camping. There are many available campsites all over the country so it should be easy for you to find lovely places to stay for the night.


Most of them cost about 20€ per night, but you will find some cheaper options and even some free spots if you have a good look.

Tips for Parking Your RV in Italy


If you are planning to visit a big city, make sure to check regulations, as some cities have decided to restrict access to motorhomes. Keep an eye open for road signs that signal “zona traffico limitato”, which means that only public transport and citizens can travel in the area. You may well have to pay a fine each time you enter a restricted area with your vehicle. These signs can be difficult to spot, so it is safer to park your RV outside of the city and use public transport to reach the city centre.


Do not hesitate to use an app like Caramaps to help you choose the best campsites throughout your trip by compiling ratings and comments from other fellow travellers.

What to know before driving in Italy: beware of tolls!

When preparing your holiday budget, it is crucial to take tolls into account. Most motorways are subject to a fee in Italy, and there are several options available to pay these. Firstly, you can receive a ticket at the entry of the motorway and pay according to the distance travelled when leaving the highway. Another option is the electronic toll, which is faster as there is no need to stop at the toll booth. When you go through the booth, money is debited automatically.

Touring Italy in a campervan

Finally, you can invest in a pre-paid card named “ViaCard” and charge it with the desired amount. To give you an idea of toll costs, a trip from Como, in the north of the country, to Bari, in the south, will cost you 70€ in tolls by using the motorway.

Renting an RV in Italy: Options and Pricing 

Don’t you own an RV? You’re in luck!

Renting is a great option to experience the “van-life”. Two options are available to you if you wish to rent a motorhome to visit Italy.

  • Firstly, you can contact professional rental businesses. They usually offer new vehicles for hire so that you can travel with peace of mind and comfort. However, they are often quite expensive, costing up to 150€ a night. These businesses are usually very busy, which means that you have to book plenty of time in advance if you want to be sure of securing a vehicle.
  • Another option for an RV rental in Italy is online rental marketplaces. These work just like Airbnb by enabling individual owners to rent out their motorhome. The vehicles are often a little older than with rental businesses, so the prices are more attractive, ranging from 50€ to 120€ a night, according to the size and the options offered.
  • Check out Yescapa if you are looking for an RV rental in Italy. They have many options, and you are bound to find a campervan that suits your needs. Renting a leisure vehicle from locals also gives you the chance to meet some Italian RV enthusiasts who are happy to share their best itineraries and places for you to stay throughout your trip. The Yescapa blog also provides you with more tips and the best routes according to the time you have for your road trip holiday.
Enjoying an Italian Road Trip in a motorhome

You are now ready to set off and discover Italy’s beautiful routes and sceneries! Whether you are planning on sunbathing near the coast or travelling from Venice to the Dolomites, you will never have to worry about where you will be spending the night on an RV trip.

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