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The Georgian designer is the name to know for the perfect party pumps – featuring an extra dose of glamour and drama. 

aleksander siradekian crystal shoes
aleksander siradekian flag shoes

Dramatic, high heels with maximum impact is Aleksander Siradekian’s signature. Images courtesy of @aleksandersiradekian.

It’s the season of the party pump and shoe designer Aleksander Siradekian makes some of the most show stopping stiletto pumps in the market. 

If you’re looking for a more niche option to add to your wardrobe – the kind that no one else in the room will be wearing and everyone will want to know where you got it from – then Siradekian’s namesake label is one to add to your follow list and get to know. 

A Georgian native, Siradekian started his career as a celebrity stylist before moving to footwear design in 2013. Handmade elements, glamour and all things feminine have always informed his design philosophy – think lots of sparkle, killer stiletto heels, and satin bows enveloping the backs of the pumps for extra drama. 

Never has this aesthetic felt more relevant than now that the world re-emerges from lockdown and we are getting ready to press restart on party season. Siradekian is grasping the momentum with an array of evening pump options, from understated plain leather options to statement styles featuring bow embellishments and fringes at the back and one-of-a-kind pieces from a new ‘Oriental’ collection which are dripping with crystals. 

You can shop the collection on Farfetch, with prices ranging from 300 to 700 pounds. 


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