Meet Jean-Pierre Trevisan, the new General Manager of Hôtel Lutetia

Most luxury hotels in Paris sit around the ‘Golden Triangle’; Hôtel Lutetia is a blissful exception. It’s the city’s singular Left Bank palace hotel, and its location has a story of its own, intrinsically linked to the Bon Marché department store. The famous Parisian store wanted to create some upscale accommodations for its important clients and Hôtel Lutetia was born. This holiday season, the hotel is, once again, joining forces with the department store to bring something new to Parisians and travelers from across the globe!

Join us as we meet Jean-Pierre Trevisan, the new General Manager of Hôtel Lutetia as he talks to us about this exclusive offer and wonderful initiative.

Meet Jean-Pierre Trevisan

Lartisien: Hello Jean-Pierre. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. For the people who may not be familiar with your story, could you quickly introduce yourself?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: Thank you so much for this opportunity to talk about my passions! I have been a hotelier for many years and have been privileged to be able to work in several of Paris’s most iconic luxury hotels; Four Seasons George V, Ritz Paris and Hôtel de Crillon to name three. In each of these I was able to develop not only my skills and expertise, but even more importantly my true love for the art of hospitality and making people happy – the reason we are all in this business.

Lartisien: You took over the general management of Hôtel Lutetia in October 2021. Can you tell us how that came to happen?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: Lutetia has always been a special place to me. Not only is it, to my eyes, the most iconic Parisian hotel, but it is also the place that brings back sweet memories such as the first encounter with my wife. Therefore, when I was asked by The Set Collection to join them and write a new chapter of Lutetia’s story, I was honored and impatient to begin. The hotel was recently awarded the important Palace status, one of only twelve in the city and the only Palace on the Left Bank so the privilege of safeguarding this excellence was another exciting part of the role.

Lartisien: What can you tell us about the story and values of Hôtel Lutetia, and do you have projects in mind for the hotel?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: Once opened Lutetia quickly became a place where the anonymous could be found alongside the famous, where art, philosophy, science and politics were continually created. The Left Bank is known for its nurturing of bold advances in literature, painting, sculpture and dance, and all of them found a home at Lutetia. Like Andre Gide and James Joyce who wrote “Ulysses” at the hotel with Ernest Hemingway acting as occasional editor, Samuel Beckett, André Malraux and Saint-Exupéry followed. This was just as true for the other arts. Picasso and Matisse took up residence and during the 1950s and beyond the hotel and its bar became a key part of the emergence and celebration of jazz.

Much more recently a programme of collaboration with renowned and celebrated figures in the worlds of art, fashion and cinema invited to style and decorate signature suites has begun. First to be created was ‘The St Germain Penthouse by Coppola’, designed in collaboration with legendary auteur and Parisian habitué Francis Ford Coppola. The suite honours both its magical Left Bank location and the cinematic art of the director, with hand chosen artworks from Coppola’s personal collection as well as unique film memorabilia decorating the space. Next to be unveiled was ‘The Suite Parisienne by Isabelle Huppert’. Chosen for her delicate mix of intelligence, freedom and elegance as well as her history with the hotel, actress Isabelle Huppert embodies the spirit of the Left Bank. The suite is inspired by the spirit of couture, and resembling a Parisian apartment is infused in this ethos by Huppert in every detail.

This programme will be developed further in 2022, alongside other exciting plans in our bars and entertaining spaces, but I cannot tell you too much yet – you must come to our Palace and experience these things for yourself next year!

Lartisien: For the upcoming holiday season, the hotel and Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche created an exclusive shopping experience… What’s the story behind this move?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: The long and intertwined history between these two Parisian icons started at the beginning of 20th century as the hotel was opened in 1910 on the initiative of the board of the department store for their important clients. It was therefore an easy choice to make for the upcoming holiday season, we naturally thought about Le Bon Marché and put together an exclusive offer with them.

Lartisien: And can you tell us a bit more about this very special end-of-year offer?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: For me, the holiday season is all about generosity. This is why we wanted to offer our guests a 200€ gift card to spend in that most amazing Parisian department store. In addition, our guests will enjoy a personalised welcome in the Private Salons of Le Bon Marché as well as a Personal Shopper and back in their beautiful rooms a scented candle and bottle of Champagne awaits.

Lartisien: According to you, why should travelers check into the Lutetia…especially this time of year?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: By checking in at Hôtel Lutetia, our guests are entering into the living history of our magical City of Lights. Today, as part of The Set Collection, Lutetia has begun the next chapter in its illustrious history, regaining its position as an iconic hotel and centre of Parisian life. From the front door with its sparkling decorations, our guests will enjoy the hotel’s warm embrace, enjoying the incredible design and superlative service befitting of our Palace status. Our team will be on hand with an insider’s view on not only our storied St Germain neighbourhood but the city as a whole, and of course, should the weather prove less welcoming, our stunning spa Akasha will be the ideal spot to recharge and relax.

Lartisien: If you had to describe a perfect day at the hotel, what would it look like?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: A perfect day at Lutetia starts with a delicious breakfast, served in the comfort of your room, facing the beauties of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower or the Invalides dome. Then I would recommend a stroll in Saint-Germain-des-Prés streets, between art galleries, designer boutiques and chic bakeries. For lunch, Brasserie Lutetia will be the perfect place to see and be seen by the locals while enjoying French classics such as Tartare or Millefeuille. In the afternoon, take a refreshing dip in our 17-meter pool at the Akasha Spa before joining friends for delicious cocktails under the painted ceiling of Bar Joséphine. After a dinner in a Parisian bistro in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, admire the Eiffel Tower in all its brilliance from your balcony.

Lartisien: And finally, if you had to plan a perfect itinerary in Paris right now, where would you go and what would you do? Any favorite places you like to visit this time of year?

Jean-Pierre Trevisan: During holiday season, I am always amazed by the chocolate delights created by Patrick Roger or La Mère de Famille, two famous Parisian chocolate makers. I would recommend a visit to one of their amazing boutiques. As a music lover, I would also make sure to visit Balades Sonores, the best record shop in town, located near Montmartre, to look for vinyl discs and spoil your loved ones for Christmas.

Too book your stay at the hotel, follow this link. For more exclusive interviews, stay tuned!

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