‘Technical glitch’ delays release of penultimate episode of Succession season 3

Eager Succession fans in New Zealand were left with an agonising wait as the show’s penultimate season three episode failed to appear on streaming service Neon.

A spokeswoman for Sky TV, which owns Neon, said the delay on Monday night was caused by a “bit of a technical glitch” that has since been fixed.

“As we’ve all seen on Succession, sometimes the best laid plans don’t always come through as hoped,” she said.

Succession S3E7 Tom


Succession S3E7 Tom

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“But the episode is up now and fans can indulge away.

“We’re super sorry for the delay.”

Season 3 of the series about a dysfunctional media dynasty has had a positive reception, and grafted a space for itself as one of the planet’s biggest prestige dramas.

Monday’s episode had been scheduled to go live at 7pm, but Twitter soon lit up with complaints about the addictive show’s latest episode not appearing.

Once it was live a few hours later, there was no shortage of praise or shock at the episode.

One viewer described it as “a rollercoaster with about 10 loops and dozens of quotable lines”, while another tweeted it was “by far the best episode in whole series”.

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