20 Fun Things to Do in San Diego When It’s Raining

You’ve booked your dream San Diego trip — and you expect picture-perfect weather. If you’re visiting in the winter or early spring, it can actually rain. It helps to add at least one rainy-day activity to your itinerary, however, if precipitation takes over. Luckily, things to do in San Diego in the rain might be on your itinerary anyway.

Even when precipitation isn’t a problem, dreary skies are possible — especially during the appropriately named months of May Gray and June Gloom. All this can make planning tricky, particularly if you’ve always envisioned a beach vacation.

The good news? There are plenty of things to do in San Diego when it’s raining. From art museums to movie theaters, there really is something for everyone to experience.

Not sure what to do in San Diego in the rain? Add these destinations to your inclement weather itinerary.

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