Chun Woo Hee Takes Over for IU in Upcoming Streaming Drama Money Game with Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Jung Min, Park Hae Joon, and Bae Sung Woo

Okay, not to be confused with the Netflix K-drama adaptation of Money Heist, there is another upcoming streaming drama called Money Game that is in the works. It’s in the news today for a leading lady swap – IU has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and will be replaced by Chun Woo Hee. The drama is adapted from the webtoon Money Game and Pi Game whereby a group of 8 people agree to live in a concrete condo live streamed on a reality show and will share a 44.8 billion eon prize if they can endure 100 days. All necessities can be purchased but for 1000 times the regular price in the real world and the amount will be deduced from the prize money. Sounds like Squid Game crossed with Big Brother with hopefully no murdering. The drama comes from the director of Emergency Declaration, The King, and The Face Reader.

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