Lee Yoo Mi and Ong Seung Woo to Star in K-drama Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon the Sequel to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The breakout from Squid Game has vaulted Lee Yoo Mi to the headlining spot and she’s signed on for the upcoming Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon, the sequel to the Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The male lead will be Ong Seung Woo with Byun Woo Seok as the second male lead, and the drama will involve the mother-daughter relationships as well with Kim Jung Eun and Kim Hae Sook as the veteran actresses. The Kang Nam Soon of this drama is Do Bong Soon’s distant cousin with the same massive strength which spans both her mom and grandma so three generations of kickass ladies. It’s from the same writer of Baek Mi Kyung and has the PD of Work Later, Drink Now.

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