Covid-19: New case in Canterbury treated as a border case

The unvaccinated may find their freedoms are curtailed sooner. (File photo)

Matt Rourke/AP

The unvaccinated may find their freedoms are curtailed sooner. (File photo)

One new case of Covid-19 was detected in Canterbury on Sunday.

The case, which was being treated as a border case, is a child who is isolating at home with family.

The Ministry of Health said the child travelled from Auckland to Christchurch on Thursday, November 25 on Air NZ flight NZ 8475 arriving in Christchurch at 10.50am.

Anyone who was considered a contact would be contacted directly.

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“Unless you are contacted you do not need to do anything other than watch for symptoms and get tested straight away if you develop any symptoms of Covid-19.”

The child travelled from London to Doha on November 16, and from Doha to Auckland on November 18.

They left managed isolation last week and tested positive on their day 9 test while in home quarantine.

Locations of interest in relation to the case would be posted to the Ministry of Health website, though none have yet been published. The Ministry was asking people to regularly check its locations of interest page.

The ministry said every new case was an urgent reminder to get tested if you were feeling unwell.

Testing at high numbers would help to minimise and contain the spread of Covid-19 in Christchurch. There was good testing capacity across the city on Sunday.

There was also plenty of capacity at the region’s vaccination clinics and the ministry was encouraging people to take advantage of this.

There were 144 new community cases of Covid-19 recorded in New Zealand on Sunday and four new cases at the border, including the Canterbury case.

Nine people in Canterbury have contracted Covid-19 in this current outbreak (not including Sunday’s case). Four have since recovered.

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