Know someone who wants to get into the games industry? Hashbang and AIE can help | Pocket

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle, our return to international events, was our largest North American conference ever! More than 950 delegates from over 50 countries congregated to network, share their insight, and celebrate the global mobile game industry.

PG Connects Seattle was also the perfect opportunity to sit down with some of the most influential people in the industry and talk about the most pressing issues in 2022 and beyond.

Marco Williams, CEO of Hashbang, and Billy Walker, industry relations coordinator at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, speak with James Gilmour on providing new ways into the games industry, challenging studio misconceptions around bringing onboard fresh perspectives and experiences, and providing young people with a nuanced and intimate understanding of game dev.

We are raring to go with the next Pocket Gamer Connects event in Toronto on July 6-7 – tickets are now available – and more Connects in Helsinki and Jordan throughout the year, and we hope you’ll join us there too.

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